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More HIV Testing is still needed in Australia.

In a recent article in the World News Australia.

HIV/AIDS campaigners say despite advances in medical treatments since the 1990s, there is still 'a huge amount of work' to be done before the disease stops being a problem in Australia, writes Rhiannon Elston

The article then goes on to say, According to the Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations, the annual number of new HIV diagnoses has gradually increased since 1999. 

And includes a common example of HIV infection being detected by a late HIV test.

Sydney woman Diane Nyoni had been HIV positive for eleven years before doctors diagnosed her illness in 2011.

As we can see HIV is certainly a considerable risk to the Australian population and if we are to control the spread of this virus it is clear that more HIV testing is needed.  Of great concern are the number of individuals carrying the HIV virus yet not aware of their HIV positive status.  These individuals of course pose a significant threat to the health of the Australian public as they can easily spread the HIV virus to their sexual partners.

The message here is simple.  If you are at all concerned about your HIV status then you must test for the virus as soon as possible.  By not testing for HIV you are endangering your own health and the health of others. Had a difficult as it may be to face the reality of a positive result from your HIV test that will leave you in a preferable situation over being HIV positive and not knowing.

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