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You never know if you have been infected with an STI!

STI Test Kits

Sadly many partners in Australia are in what they believe to be a safe relationship with a faithful partner. However this often is not the case and the other partner is having an external sexual relationship. This puts everyone at risk as of course if the unfaithful partner has had unprotected sex they are not about to mention that at the breakfast table. If you have any symptoms such as urinary issues then an STI may be the cause. You can get tested for the main infections using a multi pack that covers Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Syphilis and Hep B from You can also purchase HIV test kits from the same site for delivery within Australia.

If you would like your STI testing to be confidential from your partner you can also contact Australia Post and setup a collection ID. You can then purchase your STI test kits online and have then delivered to your nearest Australian Post office for collection. The test kits are shipped discreetly so you will have total privacy. The packs contain everything you need to test on the spot using a drop of blood or body fluids (depending on which STI you test for) and results are shown in the test cartridge window within minutes (no waiting for lab results). In Australia if you test positive for Chlamydia for example which is alarmingly common in Australia, you can also consult a GP through an online service who can do a brief consult and arrange for a medical script to be sent to your local pharmacy. So, regrettably we live in a world where people still take risks with not only their own health, but the health of others but fortunately you can test privately, efficiently and accurately through

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