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HIV infection rate increase and testing in Australia

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HIV infection rate in Australia is at its highest in 20 years with an increase of 10 percent according to the report released by Kirby Institute of New South Wales.

The rapid increase of diagnosed HIV cases has turned it into an epidemic. Studies conducted by the institute found out that 1,253 new cases were added in 2012. The number is still going to rise given that there are still an estimated number of 10 to 25 percent of people infected with HIV who remain undiagnosed. Sexual contact among homosexual men is the main contributor to the rise of HIV infection cases in Australia.Reports show that many still fail to use contraceptives especially condoms during sexual intercourse.

HIV infection is a very serious medical concern. Once infected, the immune system weakens making the body vulnerable to diseases. Review your sexual history and if you think that you are at-risk, you should not waste time and get yourself tested. Undergo an HIV test.

With the rapid inflation of the cases of infection, HIV test has become a necessity. HIV testing in Australia has become one of the highest in the world. This can be attributed to massive health campaigns conducted by the both the government and NGOs to combat the epidemic.

Rapid HIV testing centers were established in selected areas in Australia. With just a prick of blood from a finger, diagnosis can be determined within 30 minutes. The test is pain-free and fast. It will also save patients from anxiety caused by waiting days and sometimes, even weeks, just to know the result.Medical practitioners conduct HIV tests in these clinics. However, there is an alternative to this type of HIV test. A new way of verification which does not require a physician’s supervision is through an HIV home testing kit. Self-administered HIV tests using the home test kits are found to be accurate and are now becoming the preferred method by Australians.

So if you are not comfortable with being tested in clinics, you already have an alternative. You can conduct the HIV test for yourself within the comforts of your own home or wherever you prefer.Do not be afraid to undergo HIV testing. With today’s medical advancements, HIV testing has become fast and hassle-free.

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