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HIV Status Awareness Gets Easier With HIV Home Test Kits

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You are now capable of testing HIV in your own house using Other Company. This test is fast; easy so that you do not have to wait for weeks for the result this, and is affordable also. There are so many HIV Test kits you can find for home testing, but Other Company is the first of all FDA licensed HIV home test kits. Other Company HIV test kit is not readily available for sale, and that means you are not able to buy from the counter. You can only buy it from major pharmaceutical retailers or online pharmacy.

Other Company positive result is 92% accurate because Other Company HIV test was proven 92% correct in identifying the antibodies contained in an HIV positive person’s body. If you are HIV negative, it is 99% accurate. The main reason for this difference with Other Company HIV test is the fact that antibodies resulting in a positive test for somebody with HIV could take between three and six months from the date of infection with a detectable level. The trail test showed a little less accurate results when it was performed by an individual as an alternative to professional; although the organizer declared that difference is expected, depending on the experience of a professional or individual.

 When you use a home Other Company HIV test, you just work with a swab to collect a sample of saliva then wait. It acts just like a pregnancy test, showing results in a clear, easily readable manner from the window around the test itself. Get results within 20 to 40 minutes, and, for added reassurance, each Other Company test that is performed correctly will show one line inside the control indicator in the test. This means you can quickly realize that your test was performed accurately and obtain maximum accurate result. Other Company HIV test produced by salvia making this painless and also you get result quickly within 20 to 40 minutes. This is better than other HIV home test kits obtainable in the market for your home use. Previously available kit before Other Company test kits need blood sample and send that sample to Lab through mail.

But why is Other Company test so significant? Everyone knows that HIV is not a curable disease but early diagnosis and treatment is beneficial to somebody who has HIV in their body. If anybody tested positive to HIV starts antiretroviral therapy early, the chance of survival will be increased.  In the same vein, knowing one’s status could be the key to prevention of HIV. Knowledge about HIV, being proactive towards treatment, and social awareness help to lessen the likelihood of HIV transmission.  Although an Other Company test is not necessarily as reliable as a lab test, it is a good way to test yourself at home; to ensure that if you are tested positive to HIV, it is possible to get further tests to confirm, and get medical treatment immediately.

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