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The HIV situation in Australia is getting worse?

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And remember, this is diagnosed cases, it does not calculate people who have HIV and do not know as it shows no set symptoms and can go undetected from many years. It also does not count those who know butt have not been medically diagnosed within Australia.







“On 19 October 2010, The Sydney Morning Herald reported that 21,171 Australians have HIV, with 1,050 new cases diagnosed in 2009. The Sydney Morning Herald also reported that 63% of Australians living with HIV were men.



On 17 October 2012, The Daily Telegraph reported that up to 35,000 Australians have HIV, with 1,137 new cases”



That translates to a 50% + increase in HIV positive Australians between 2010 and 2012. This pattern in HIV infection clearly shows that Australia needs more aggressive and creative HIV testing approaches. Far too many people are being infected by partners who do not know they are carrying HIV. Most certainly they know they have been at risk, so why are they not testing? They can test for HIV, they have access to HIV testing clinics and doctors’ yet they choose not to. One method combating this is the sale of accurate, quality controlled HIV home test kits such as that Head Start testing supply online.



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