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HIV Symptoms- Get yourself tested today!

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More than half of this planet is affected with HIV virus that has killed more than a billion of earth’s population till date. This virus results in people getting affected with Aids, a disease that slows down your immunity and makes you susceptible to various dangerous and life threatening illnesses. Aids is directly related to HIV but a person infected with this virus need not have Aids at all.

HIV is quite difficult to detect but one must take care to check for the following if he or she thinks something is wrong with their health. For example: one most common symptoms of HIV is having mild fever that is usually accompanied with fatigue and a sore throat. Such symptoms may take years to detect and most often,people infected with this virus do not come to know of it till their immune system gets thoroughly weak and makes them contract various diseases like Aids and cancer. There are certain HIV symptoms that can be detected after one has contacted it within a month like flu and cold.  During the later stages, one can feel other sicknesses like yeast infection in the vagina and pelvic regions. This is common to both men and women.

As and when the infection starts eating away into your system, one can develop Aids and feel fatigued most of the time with unstoppable sweating sprees especially during sleep. Most people affected with Aids show signs of excessive weight loss with balding. HIV is such a virus that may not be detected after all, and when you find yourself face to face with it, it usually marks the end of your life. Hence it is always better to get tested the moment you feel something isn’t right with your body. The earlier you get tested, the better it would be for your well bring. With scientific advancements, people infected with HIV can now lead normal lives provided they get a planned treatment for the same.

Now days, most government hospitals offer free testing for HIV and there are numerous advanced medicines available for helping you. In certain counties like Australia, there are home kits made available by the government that equips people to conduct testing on themselves at ease while sitting within the comforts of their homes. You no longer have to take apainstaking effort to visit a hospital to get tested. Now, with home kits available, one can do such tests quite easily.

HIV is a life threatening disease but can be controlled provided one takes care to look out for such possible symptoms that have been mentioned above. Getting tested at the earliest is advised to people who think they are probable carriers of this dangerous illness. With proper medication, one can lead a normal and ahappy life.


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