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Prostitution and HIV infection. Why is it a concern?

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With a 50 % increase in diagnosed HIV in Australia over recent years it is obvious that HIV infection is a topic that warrants more discussion and most certainly needs some alternative solutions to the existing ones.

Australian prostitutes or sex workers typically have a high number of sexual partners whose HIV status is unknown to them.  While many Australian sex works practice protected sex, many do not enter many clients still prefer to have unprotected sex with the sex worker.  This alternatively leads to a higher than normal rate of HIV infection with the sex worker community and as such places individuals who have unprotected sex with him at a high risk.

As such it is important that you have had a sexual encounter with a sex worker and you are concerned that you may have been at risk of exposure to the HIV virus that you carry out an HIV test.

If for any reason you do not feel comfortable discussing this with a medical practitioner or some other reason would delay you in carrying out an HIV test then you may wish to consider using an HIV home testing kit.  These HIV home test kits can be purchased online and used at your convenience in the privacy of your own home.  Results are ready within minutes and are extremely reliable.  It is important to remember that when testing for HIV you are testing for the HIV antibodies.  These can take between 4 weeks and 24 weeks to develop.  For this reason many individuals in Australia will carry out an HIV home test at four week intervals until they are certain they have passed through the HIV antibody window period.  When taking an HIV test in Australia it is essential to bear this in mind as of course it indicates that a negative result now does not categorically mean that you are HIV negative if your exposure to the HIV virus has occurred recently.




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