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HIV testing in Australia and how to tell if you have HIV.

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Many people grow concerned that they may have the HIV virus when experiencing typical flu symptoms or other symptoms they believe connected to HIV.  If that individual recalls a prior sexual encounter that involved unprotected sex and therefore put that individual at risk of HIV infection then this can be a cause of great concern and anxiety in relation to the medical symptoms they are experiencing.

To resolve this anxiety and concern it is important to remember that there are no certain symptoms that would categorically identify the HIV virus.  Some individuals may in fact show no symptoms at all as they pass through the stages of HIV infection and the production of HIV antibodies.  Others may display symptoms that are similar to a common cold.  Some individuals may display more severe symptoms such as swollen glands and night sweats but these symptoms also are common in many other infections.  As such the only way to test for HIV in Australia is through HIV testing.  This will test for the presence of HIV antibodies and will tell with certainty if the individual has the HIV virus.  So if you are displaying any symptoms that are causing concern and have had unprotected sex with a partner of unknowns status and then not subsequently tested for HIV, it is important that you take them HIV test as soon as possible.  In Australia you can do this through your medical practitioner, and HIV testing centre or by purchasing an HIV test kit and carrying out the test yourself.


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